Jun 23rd 2017

A Closer Look: Steven Deering, Founder of Catamount Builders

In 2004, backed with the desire to follow his dream, Steven Deering founded Catamount Builders. Since then, the company has continued to grow and thrive, expanding into one of the most well-known companies in the Boston area.

The root of Steven’s success lies with his passion for his work. Every person is different, every home is different, and to have the ability to make someone’s dream into a reality, and translate those likes and dislikes into a piece of physical work, is one of the most satisfying aspects of the work he does. Catamount Builders has the ability to construct anything, ranging from residential and commercial buildings in crowded cities, to luxurious summer homes on the coast of the North Shore.

Catamount’s keen eye and personal touch provides a different construction experience. Home is where the heart is, and as a company, Catamount Builders is determined to give each and every one of our customers that feeling. Catamount is not just a group of construction workers — we are builders, we are crafters, and we care deeply about our clients. Your project will be approached and met with exceptional care and unmatched quality. At Catamount, you and your home are our number-one priority.

Q+A With Steven Deering:

What is your favorite city?

Boston, you’re my home! I feel lucky to live in a city that allows me to rejuvenate historic brownstones one day and create totally new buildings that are trimmed out with the latest technology the next. Although, it is nice to visit San Diego for a winter getaway.

What inspires your work?

Each project provides us with an incredible opportunity to give families a home that will be the foundation for a lifetime of memories. We are driven to execute every detail of the job, knowing that they will live with the results on a daily basis.

How do you describe your style?

My approach is to be honest and meticulous in every aspect of our business. We come across new challenges almost every day, so proactively sharing information with clients and vendors is a top priority.

What was your proudest moment?

The day I decided to make Catamount Builders my full-time job. I started out doing renovations for friends and family, while working another job, but I know that owning my own company was my real passion. Today, I still treat all of my projects as if my friends or family were going to live there.